Shocking as it may seem, in residential districts it is currently not illegal (or not enforced) to discharge such a large quantity of a toxic product so as to injure another party.

Many residents in the City of Oakland choose to live without toxic products, since such products are known to cause cancer, birth defects, neurotoxic effects, and immune dysfunction; but due to drift are subjected to their neighbor's toxic products without consent.

Some roll their eyes, but if the family of a lung cancer victim were advocating second hand smoke ordinances, would they appreciate it or roll their eyes?

Many legal products, on the market today, are toxic. For some categories of products, reading the label or MSDS sheet helps to understand the adverse human health effects.

We are all familiar with products that have come off of the market; and all too often people believe that no more dangerous products are left on the market. In fact, products come off the market regularly because their adverse health effects become publicly known. exists to sponsor legislation which is fair to all sides and which protect people from toxic trespass.


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