"The proposed pesticides have been linked with such human health effects as non-Hodgkins lymphoma, endocrine disruption and reproductive effects.

Help keep Oakland's pesticide ban from weakening. Full story

Weed management, in order to be successful in the long-term, needs to focus on creating a stable community of desirable plants.

A focus on simply killing unwanted vegetation encourages repeated and increasingly costly herbicide use.

The exemptions being considered are focused on killing the target species instead of restoring a desirable plant community.

Pesticide Free Zone Campaign...

Working to change the way people view pesticides by utilizing our Ladybug signs to identify safe places and giving people a nice way to let their neighbor know how they feel.

Find us at www.pesticidefreezone.org

We reviewed the Oakland Ordinance. Pesticides applied to tree stumps will still leech into the soil and increase cancer risks for residents and visitors, for children, for adults; and therefore, we must oppose this ordinance.

Cancer is an epidemic and we must take all appropriate steps to stop unnecessarily using cancer causing ingredients. Cancer clusters evolve from seemingly innocuous products, bug killers, ant killers, hair shampoo, face creams, toothpaste, cosmetics.

Environmental Health Network

As ... the public member of Alameda County's IPM (Integrated Pest Management) committee and the president of the Environmental Health Network, I plead with you to rise to the challenge of controlling weeds and other "pests" with the least toxic means available. Herbicides are not the least toxic means available . . . regardless of advertising hype. We ALL are stakeholders when it comes to breathing.

Barb Wilkie, President, Environmental Health Network

It's illegal (against federal law) to say pesticides are safe when used properly. So many are at risk, sick people are not protected at all and it is not mentioned on the label.

Get the chemical company promise in writing that no one will be harmed with the proper use of their product. Ask for all the studies that test the full product including the often more toxic secret inert ingredients that prove this product is safe for those with environmental health disabilities.

"Reducing, and soon thereafter, eliminating all exposure to pesticides will benefit us all and help clean up the environment."

William E. Currie, Consultant/Entomologist,
Director, International Pest Management Institute

Pesticides are intentional poisons, no matter how you look at it.

David Chatfield of California for Pesticide Reform

Oakland has several invasive plants to control and each has a particular set of problems and vulnerabilities. To think that using herbicides alone will solve the problem indicates that decisions are being made too hastily and solutions not well thought out. Instead, the City would benefit from a rigorous investigation of alternatives which, in the long run, will save money and provide superior invasive plant control.

We call on the City to quickly set up a technical options committee that includes interested members of the public to investigate approaches to the problem and make recommendations to the City Council.

People who care about living without toxic products are willing to pay a premium for SaferRemodel housing. By using herbicides near residential areas, there is the potential to reduce property values.


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